#VCITY CSGO set for ESEA Main S25!

Mon 22nd May 2017 - 2:00am : General

After a less than expected placing in season 24 in the ESEA Main league the Velocity eSports CSGO team has taken time to reset and make a few roster moves heading into season 25! We have kept 3 of the 5 starters we had at the end of last season (deadass, sezi & winsum) and picked up ESEA Main Fiziq & ETHXNN to round out the squad! We look forward to a strong showing from the team this season and expect great things from them! We have also renewed our partnership with the great crew over at iShoutCastU to have all matches casted and produced so you can look forward to watching all the action!

Starting lineup:

Deadass - Captain/IGL/Support

Winsum - Entry/Lurk/Secondary Awper

Sezi - Lurker

Fiziq - Awper

ETHXNN - Entry/Rifler

Make sure to follow us on Twitter @VeL_eSportsHQ to keep up on all updates on the team and how our matches go! #VCITY




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