Velocity Esports ventures into CS:GO!

Sat 16th Jul 2016 - 10:14am

Velocity Esports has officially signed the CS:GO of EXOI, Rizzey, NKZ, Gunk and Harvin to represent us in the ESEA Intermediate League! The team is currently sitting in the top 10 of the league with a record of (8-1-0) currently and looking very promising to make playoffs! I know what you might be thinking. They are only in Intermediate? Why not go for a Main or Premeir team? Well here at Velocity Esports we like to give the up and comers a chance to make it big. We want to grow with our players while we succeed together. We feel confident in the team and believe they can bring great success to the organization in the future.


Please make sure to welcome these great players to the #VCITY!




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